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10 Simple Ways To Boost Fertility Naturally holisticher

10 Simple Ways To Boost Fertility Naturally

Falling pregnant is not always straightforward however there are some easy things that you can do to naturally boost your fertility and to help you to conceive.
Our environment, diet, and lifestyle can cause hormone imbalances and decrease your fertility levels. Some simple lifestyle changes can improve your chances of getting pregnant or increase your odds fertility treatment working, and overall get your body in the best shape to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and birth.
Stress, exhaustion and poor diet all take a toll on male fertility too, so these tips also apply to your partner!

10 Simple Ways To Boost Fertility Naturally holisticher

The Best Ways To Naturally Boost Your Fertility

1. Increase Protein

As well as keeping you fuller for longer, protein is found in virtually every tissue in the body and is one of the keys to creating healthy eggs.

Your body needs good sources of protein to develop high quality eggs that develop healthily and are able to be fertilised.

There are many studies that show the important of protein in the diet

 2. Sleep

Making sure you are well-rested will go a long way to helping your body be in optimal shape for pregnancy.

If you are run-down or exhausted, your hormones can get out of sync which can affect your fertility.

3. Regular Exercise

You should aim to do at least 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise. Training for a marathon or doing any strenuous forms of exercise are not ideal for getting pregnant, however walking, swimming, yoga and dance, are all awesome types of exercise that you can do even if going through infertility treatments.

This will help to increase blood flow throughout your body and maintain your weight

4. Keep Warm

A lot of Chinese medicine doctors recommend drinking only room temperature or warm liquids when trying to conceive. This is due to their belief that a “cold uterus” inhibits pregnancy.

Try cutting ice and very cold foods out of your diet as much as possible.

Also your feet are said to be directly related to the uterus, so keeping your feet warm may help keep your uterus warm and make it a hospitable and cosy place for the egg to implant!

5. Herbals

Teas or supplements packed with fertility boosters such as Chasteberry (Vitex Agnus Castus), Red Raspberry Leaf, and Ladies Mantle can help to enhance your fertility and taste good at the same time.

It’s also another way to increase the intake of warm liquids as opposed to cold, and to cut out caffeinated drinks.

6. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Excessive amounts of caffeine are not great when trying to conceive. One or two cups of coffee per day isn’t an issue but try switching to decaf as much as possible and cut fizzy drinks out completely.

 7. Cut Down Your Alcohol Consumption

While a little alcohol in moderation won’t necessarily stop you from getting pregnant, it definitely won’t help your fertility.

And, as you need to stop drinking during pregnancy anyway, it’s a good idea to start cutting down when you are trying to conceive.

8. Take a Prenatal

If you want to get in tip top condition for pregnancy, start taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid, Omega 3 and B vitamins, right away. This will ensure your levels are optimal when you get pregnant.

9. Eliminate Chemicals

Many chemicals that are found in cleaning products or beauty care items contain harmful chemicals that interfere with our hormones and can make it difficult to get pregnant.

While it is impossible to completely remove all traces of these chemicals from our bodies, switching to natural products such as house cleaners, shampoos and soaps is the best way to reduce our exposure.

10. Stress Less

We know that you know, and it’s so annoying to hear “just relax and you’ll fall pregnant” but stress does affect your hormone levels and can be a factor in infertility.

Try to take some time out to do whatever it is that helps you to relax.

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