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17 tips to relieve your pregnancy sickness holisticher

17 tips to relieve your pregnancy sickness

Sometimes nausea can follow you throughout your pregnancy but it's most common at the beginning. For some it's manageable and for others it's much worse. If you feel your pregnancy sickness is getting in the way of your daily life, there are some things you can try. They may not help completely, but hopefully at least a little.

Pregnancy sickness is common and is caused by the hormones in your body that change with pregnancy. Usually the nausea goes away on its own after a few weeks but not always. Most commonly, the nausea passes when you enter the second trimester but it doesn't have to be this way for everyone. If the nausea is distressing, there are some home remedies to try. There is no guarantee that these will help but surely it doesn't hurt to try. Here are the tips to ease your nausea!

17 tips to relieve pregnancy sickness

  1. Eat something small as soon as you wake up, preferably before you get out of bed. Nausea tends to get worse on an empty stomach. You can also eat something small before you go to bed at night to counteract low blood sugar in the morning (which can lead to nausea)!
  2. Fatigue can contribute to increased nausea. Take every opportunity to sleep, rest and recover.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. This is especially important for those who vomit!
  4. If you haven't tried acupuncture before, it may be worth a try, as some find it relieves nausea.
  5. Aim to eat small portions often, rather than larger portions infrequently.
  6. Avoid coffee and black tea as they stimulate stomach acid.
  7. Choose boiled food over fried as it is kinder to the stomach.
  8. Avoiding stress can help relieve nausea (this can be particularly difficult if you already have children or work a lot, but try!)
  9. Exercise bracelets can trigger points on the wrist that relieve nausea. You can even try massaging the inside of your wrist yourself!
  10. Fatty foods and spicy condiments can be good to avoid as they can trigger nausea.
  11. Carbonated drinks can have a relieving effect on nausea, try sparkling water and see if it helps.
  12. There is some research that vitamin B6 supplementation can help with nausea!
  13. Eat small portions often! Something small every two hours is better than three proper meals a day.
  14. Staying cool usually helps with nausea at its worst. Try sleeping with the windows open and wearing cool clothes. Rinsing your hands and wrists in cold water also tends to feel good.
  15. Some pregnant women find that motion sickness tablets help, which you can buy over the counter
  16. If none of the above helps, you can try prescription medicines for nausea. Check with your midwife and she will help you with this.
  17. Finally, don't be afraid to break routines like eating breakfast and lunch at certain times and let your mood take over.
Anything goes when you're pregnant and unwell! If you feel you've tried everything and nothing helps, you can always turn to your midwife or doctor for support and help.

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