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7 easy ways to show appreciation for your partner holisticher

7 easy ways to show appreciation for your partner

The transition from just caring for each other to a life where you're expecting or have children to care for can help you forget to prioritise your relationship. It's perfectly normal during this time in life and something most couples can attest to. That's why it's so important to show how much you appreciate each other from time to time! Here is the list of 7 simple tips on how to show appreciation for your partner.

7 tips to show your partner appreciation

1. Give each other space

A good way to show appreciation is to give each other time. Encourage activities or alone time while you take care of the home or the kids, so that your partner can have space to just be themselves for a while and can let go of all the musts of everyday life.

2. Surprise your partner with something they enjoy

Sometimes small gestures have the biggest impact. Imagine coming home from work to find that your partner has prepared a favourite dinner or perhaps bought you a snack that you love. It rarely takes much!

3. Show your partner appreciation by being supportive

Whether you're in the throes of pregnancy or have young children, you're bound to be in the middle of an intense period. It's easy for the focus to fall on how you're feeling and what you need. That's why it's especially important to remember to listen and support each other at these times. Talk to your partner and ask them what they need today. Be open to relieving yourself when you notice energy levels dipping or moods wavering, you're far more likely to get the same care back the next time you need support.

4. Remember physical touch and eye contact

Physical touch and eye contact are important to the relationship and show that you appreciate your partner. Give a hug to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin and take the opportunity to maintain eye contact when you talk, preferably for a few extra seconds. This is said to increase intimacy - a simple and meaningful way to rekindle romance!

5. Give gifts

Every now and then, a gift can be the perfect way to show appreciation and it doesn't have to be expensive or grand. Small, thoughtful gifts show that you care about and value the relationship with your partner. It could be something as simple as a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a piece of clothing that your partner has been longing for. Use your imagination!

6. Affirm your partner with words

Can you relate to pointing out the little things your partner does or rather doesn't do? Sometimes it's good to shift the focus away from our small everyday problems and pay attention to what your partner is actually doing. Show appreciation by telling us what your partner does well or what you value in them for a while and see how your relationship shifts!

7. Cheers!

You don't always have to have great reasons to make a toast, do you? Keep a bottle of bubbly in the fridge and pull it out when you feel like you need to get a lovely moment into your everyday life. Why not toast just because the kids fell asleep on time, or to yourself as you struggle with the jigsaw of life. Raise your glasses to each other!

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