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How to deal with infertility?

How to deal with infertility?

A strong desire to have children and the uncertainty of when that desire will be fulfilled can feel incredibly tough, challenging and unfair. Why is it so easy for some people to conceive, while others struggle for a long time? Often there is an explanation and help is available but in some cases you can't see a reason for the lack of progress.

Why is it difficult to get pregnant?

There are several reasons why it can be difficult to get pregnant. Partly it can be related to age and lifestyle. It may also be linked to sperm or the uterus and eggs. In some cases, no real reason can be found for the failure to conceive. Then the advice is simply to keep trying, or look at alternative routes to having children.

When can you seek help for infertility?

After a year of regular unprotected intercourse without becoming pregnant, it is possible to seek help. Then you can go to a gynecological practice, women's clinic or infertility clinic in a hospital. There, an investigation begins with the aim of finding a cause of infertility. After an investigation, the doctor will suggest treatments based on the cause. This could be ovulation stimulation, sperm insemination or IVF. A treatment could also be a change in lifestyle, such as losing/gaining weight or giving up smoking.

Is it difficult to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

There are no studies showing that it is difficult to get pregnant again after a miscarriage. The body often readjusts quickly after a miscarriage, allowing pregnancy to return within a few weeks.

How can I cope with infertility?

There is no simple answer to dealing with infertility on your own. With a strong desire to have a child that is not being met, it will feel stressful on many levels. It may feel good to tell friends and family and also explain how you wish to be treated in your childlessness. By being straightforward with your loved ones about what support you need, you are more likely to get just that.
As a patient, you can get help on how to cope with infertility by talking to a therapist at the hospital or clinic you are attending. The therapist should be there to support you throughout the process.

How do I seek help?

If you would like help to investigate infertility, you can go to your nearest gynecology clinic. You can also contact a women's clinic or an infertility clinic in a hospital.

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