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Pregnancy at 40 - the advantages of late motherhood

Pregnancy at 40 - the advantages of late motherhood

The conventional wisdom is that you should have children as early as possible. However reality shows that motherhood later in life is becoming increasingly common. It is one of the most important decisions in a woman’s life, which is why many women tend to wait for a time of greater economic, emotional, family and professional stability.

Becoming a mum late in life is not a flaw however as soon as expectant mothers pass the magical age of 35, they are labelled as "geriatric mothers" and automatically the pregnancy is stamped as a high-risk pregnancy.

It is easy to feel guilty when you are told that you’ve missed the right time for family planning and are exposing your child to unnecessary risks. Yet having a first child beyond 35 is completely normal today: every fourth baby has a mother who is over 35 at birth, and the trend is rising.

Of course, it cannot be ignored that once you hit 40, there is only a 5% chance you will get pregnant naturally in any given month (compared to 20 percent at age 30). Also, the risk of birth defects and miscarriage is undeniably higher than at a younger age. That being said, many women only find themselves in a position to have a baby later in life. After all, the best time to have a child is when you feel ready for it and want it - whether that's at 20 or 40.

Pregnancy at 40 is no longer a rarity - and that's a good thing because late motherhood and parenthood can have a number of advantages:


More life experience

You simply have more life experience. Having been through both good and bad times in life up until now makes you more more equipped and relaxed to handle stressful situations. Ideally this helps you deal with all the things that parenthood will throw at you in the future in a more relaxed and pragmatic way!

You’ve already lived-it-up (hopefully!)

If you are no longer young when you have your first child, you have probably already experienced a lot and hopefully had a ton of fun with it! Rousing parties, world travels, wild concerts, all-nighters, sexual adventures? You’ve probably been there and done that and perhaps you don’t need the wild times as often any more!

 Pregnancy at 40 - the advantages of late motherhood

More balance

Having children is wonderful but this new phase in life comes with sacrifices. Less spontaneity, less time for friends and hobbies. It is perhaps easier for older mothers to cut back since they have matured in life and may take care of their children with more patience and devotion. Or they have already learned to manage their precious time better so that they can get the most out of it for themselves and their children.

Career Stability

If you don't get pregnant until you're 40, you've often already achieved a lot at work. A part-time job is easier to obtain when you are no longer at the very beginning of your career. Or it may be easier to combine a full-time job with a child because you simply have more time- management experience.

More money

A positive side effect: for most couples, a longer working life brings with it a better financial cushion. Those who can build their family nest without financial worries live much more relaxed lives.

Desired children

Pregnancy at 40 is usually "no accident". The children of older mothers are thus almost without exception wanted childred, and those who are wanted and welcome have the best chances of leading a happy life.

Pregnancy at 40 - the advantages of late motherhood

Happy relationship

Those who have children at an older age usually live in a more stable partnership. For the children, this means more security and stability.

More self-confidence

Many older mothers have gained more self-confidence through life. This self-confidence is automatically passed on to their children, who benefit from it.

Smarter children

A study by the London School of Economics has shown that the children of older mothers score better in cognitive achievement tests.

More education & better health

Also, a study by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and the London School of Economics concludes that the children of older mothers are not only more educated (they perform better in school and are more likely to attend university), but also grow up healthier. The researchers' findings show that the biological risks associated with pregnancy at 40 are offset by the positive changes.

Happier children

Also, proof from science that older mums are good for their children: A Danish study shows that older mothers are more responsive to the emotional needs of their children. They have a friendlier tone with their children. And the children are less prone to emotional and social problems.

Of course, these points do not apply across the board and it doesn’t automatically mean that you are a better mother just because you are older!

Being an older mother does come with its risks but it also doesn't mean that you've lost your chance to have healthy and happy children. Dear mamas-over-40, you are only as old as you feel!

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